magazine store 4Giant Street will create the next campaign for your product (or work with you to upgrade your existing campaign) and connect your brand to the right live event venues, websites, and both established and emerging social media.


From there, our highly-trained team of face-to-face and digital Marketing Representatives will turn awareness of your brand into sales of your products through cross-promotions, incentivized marketing, and expert salesmanship.


We can also create hots sales leads and valuable marketing info for your target demographic by using Data Capture at raffles, in-store giveaways, and cross-promotional events.


Or if you want to test the waters of a particular demographic prior to product launch, we can also conduct face-to-face research surveys or organize poling stations.


Want to make a splash that will get people talking and get your brand noticed? We can produce original, exciting guerilla marketing events around your brand. We’ll document these events on digital video and create fun clips which will spread across social media and bring you even more attention and new customers.


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