Holston 2Magazine Store WSJ 2Giant Street didn’t seek out opportunities to train and consult: businesses came to us.


With over 2000 face to face sales every month since launching in January 2014, the closing-orientated sales techniques displayed by the Giant Street-trained Marketing Representatives and Brand Ambassadors at our live event venues have made businesses with struggling sales teams sit up and take notice. Many hired us on the spot.


We offer day, week, or month-long sales seminars for your sales teams with a concentration on techniques for closing. Our techniques are time-tested, street-smart, and results-oriented. Giant Street believes the entrepreneur-salesperson is too busy selling to watch the clock. At Giant Street, the sale doesn’t begin when the customer makes contact, it begins when our salesperson wakes up in the morning.


We can also work with you to develop a new model that will create maximum sales for your business.


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